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Are you looking for a job???

A lot of opportunities are offered on the NET. You will have to look a lot and be patient. There will be a lot 
of registration to do but do not worry when it is going to be yours it will come and get you. But in this world of computers you need time and patience, nothing arrives for anything in the life. 

Since several months, I went from an e-mail to another to find something which interests me and which corresponds to my ambitions and to my tastes. I found very interesting things of which I am going to give you the links . It is very hard to find the good links, one thing  very important  is to have a customers' good list and it is very difficult to make, here is a link that will help you to make and perfect your list. This link comes from Janelle Peratis of the United States: 

Here are some links that will be profitable to you:
WWW.FREEDOM.WS  (access code: campagio)

Dr Mark DeBrincat just released his brand new 128-pg ebook entitled "25 Internet Experts" you can get it here: 

If you ever have links that are to long you can use this link( to shorten them up. 

Here is a link that will provide you a little money while waiting for a big amount.

Good luck on the net.

Giovanna Campanelli

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